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Free Live TV Software Box live tvNo Extra Hardware & No TV Cards
live tv on pc100% Legal Live TV on PC System
watch live tvOver 4,500 TV/Radio Channels!
live tv on computer100% Free Live TV Software
watch live televisionFree Live TV Channel Update!
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Live TV
Watch Live TV on your computer in Seconds! Let Free Live TV software entertain you.


live tv softwareNow you can watch real live TV on PC online, with just an Internet connection. This revolutionary online TV software is based on 5 years of research from the TV systems market and built to perform.
Live TV on PC - Watch Internet TV

Access the best TV channels available from all over the world, directly on your computer. No monthly fees. With as little as an Internet connection and a computer, you can watch live streaming TV channels on your laptop or desktop PC. This will work, even if you don't have satellite dish, receiver or cable box at your location! Watch TV while you work, surf the web or chat. The streams are the key, as they help to eliminate the need for a PC TV card, and update automatically via web-based platform. This software is packed with amusement!

Enjoy New Live TV Channels with Fresh Updates!

One of the most valuable features of this program is the live TV and radio channel updates. The TV and radio channel list is updated frequently with new channels to watch on your PC for Free. No monthly charges are required with this software and there are no hidden fees. Enjoy live television channels from all around the world for free and at the comfort of your own computer. These channels are provided from the globe to make it easy and fun to watch.

Watch Live TV on PC from Any Country Around the World!


Live TV Software Delivers TV through Internet Connection

OVER 4,500 TV Channels, Radio Stations, and Videos!

You can enjoy this program for years to come! The digital changeover in 2013 will not have any effect with this TV software. It uses an internet access to stream the channels. Watch live TV while taking a road trip, waiting, or sitting at the coffee shop.The possibilities are extraordinary! Imagine. Your very own television on your computer that you can sit and watch at your convenience. The software provides you with automatic TV station updates meaning your television entertainment will never be out of date.

When coupled with a high-speed internet connection, the free streaming live TV channels will be crisp and sound incredible. Because users will not need a PC TV card, more than 4500 channels are at their disposal at any given moment, making the Live Free Internet TV interface the perfect access point to global television stations and international programming. A "Favorites" feature allows you to create your very own listing of all of your preferred channels, eliminating the need for searches every time you wish to view it. Further, the bit-rate of each channel is listed in the search queue, giving you some extra information about the quality! Full customization is available, including regular or full-screen viewing windows.

Listen to live radio and choose from stations all over the world, in nearly any genre. Choosing from more than 4500 channels worldwide, watching television has never been easier. This is the Ultimate Amusement Companion for your PC and only needs an internet access to function. We do recommend using a high speed internet connection for the best possible viewing experience. High-End professional software, developed tough for long term usage. Click here to download a copy today!

Watch UNLIMITED TV Shows, Movies, Sports and More!
Movie and Video Channels Included!
Live TV ShowsFree Live TV also includes Bonus channels to watch your favorite full-length TV Shows, Movies (1961 - Today), Big Games videos, Cartoon episodes, Specials, Documentaries, Up-to-Date News videos, and More!

Special Channel Pack Allows You To....

  • Watch the latest movies for free, right on your PC!
  • See nearly any TV serial that your heart desires.
  • Keep kids busy for weeks with tons of TV Toons!
  • View Sports, TV News. Thousands of videos!

You can start watching movies and videos right away for free!

"'s practically impossible to get out of entertainment with this program!..."

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Live TV
Don't miss Big Game! Watch it live.

Live TV Show
Watch TV shows on your PC.

Live TV Sports
Live sports coverage at it's best.

Watch TV on PC
See movies, TV serials, and more.

Live TV Software
Watch specials and documentaries.

Live TV Cartoons
Toons for children in many languages.

Live TV Shows
Multiplicity of TV entertainment.

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