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Have a question? Look below for frequently asked questions about live tv software.


How does the TV software work?
It's a software program that works through your internet connection to bring TV to your PC.

Is this legal to use? Is this a cable or satellite TV decoder or descrambler?
This TV software is 100% legal to use. It is not a cable or satellite TV decoder or descrambler.

I don't live in the United States. Will the live TV software work in my country?
Yes. The TV software works anywhere in the world with an internet connection and Windows PC.

Do I have to purchase a TV card, hardware, or any additional equipment to use this?
No. You only need a computer with a Windows operating system and an internet connection.

Are free channels included with the software?
Yes. Channels are pre-installed into the TV software so you can watch TV after the installation.

Will new channel updates become available?
internet tv on pc Yes. New channels are automatically added into the channel list as they become available to us.

How much are the new channels going to cost?
There is no cost for newly added channels. New channels are automatically added into the software for free.

Will I be charged monthly fees to use the software?
No. The software is yours to download and use when you'd like. You will not be charged monthly fees for this software.

Are there any hidden fees? Am i going to have to pay for anything else?
There are no hidden fees. Our software and service is 100% FREE.

I'm not too computer savvy. Are there any instructions included?
Yes. The download page is complete with easy step-by-step instructions to get you started right away.

Do you offer support for the product in case I run into any problems?
You can contact our support team for free assistance with any technical issues at

How fast does my internet connection have to be to watch TV on my computer?
See Features.

Is the special price going to change soon? I might need this for a trip later this month, but don't need it right now.
The price is subject to raise at any time without notice.
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